Kony snack, treats with beef and pork, 100 g

Canibis snack, treats with beef and pork, 100 g
May 23, 2022
Cani snack, treats with beef and pork, 150 g
July 9, 2021

About the food

Product Snack with beef and pork
Food category Treats for dogs
Breeds Small, medium and large
Package Zip bag 100 g
Note Contains omega 3, 6, 9
Alergens Non detected
Ingredients: Dehydrated meat 35% (of which 50% beef and 50% pork), corn grits, corn flour, animal fat, leaves of young green wheat*, chamomile*, hemp seed oil. Ingredients from organic certificated farming were marked with *.

Analytical data: Average nutritional value in 100g of product: Energy 1634 kJ / 387kcal, Fat 9,8% - Saturated fatty acids 2,7%, Carbohydrates 51% - of which 0,40% sugars, 23,45% protein, Salt 0,78%. Sodium 0,31g/100g, Calcium 2,1%, Potassium 0,33%, Iron (Fe) 0,014%, Magnesium 0,081%, Phosphorus 1,1%, Ash 7,93%, Raw fibers 0,7%, Omega-unsaturated fatty acids in 100g fat : Omega 3 - 2,0%, Omega 6 - 14,3%, Omega 9 - 38,7%.
FEEDING AND STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: A crunchy meat treat as the perfect addition to your dog’s daily diet. Serve it daily as a reward for positive motivation or as a treat. Keep fresh water always available to your pet. Store closed in a dry and dark place.